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The Treatments

Auricular Medicine is the use of the outer ear as a map of your entire brain. Using this map, we can detect what points are the most in need of attention. This gives us privileged information about how to best approach your symptoms, including by identifying your deepest blockages to healing. Then we can very precisely influence the areas of your brain that need treatment, resulting in the alleviation of even the most chronic conditions.

Dave is a leading expert in Auricular Medicine and travels the world teaching it to a variety of health professionals. For more information please visit the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine.

Testing for Intolerances, deficiencies and toxicities can be an essential part of your healing process. Unlike conventional testing methods, we use a scale of 0 to 90 degrees which allows us to determine the most harmful substances for you and the supplements or homeopathic remedies your body needs the most. This way you can avoid unnecessary elimination diets and save time in restoring your health.

COLD LASER Therapy is on the leading edge of medicine and has many applications, including painless acupuncture and is proven to be as effective as needles, advanced diagnostics and local therapy for scars, wounds or any form of inflammation. An abstract from a study on the effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture

MyoFascial Release is a form of massage that goes deeper with the theory, “less is more”. With patience, the practitioner holds light pressure and waits for the body’s fascia to release, without force. The fascia is an internet of tissue covering the entire body in which, if stuck, is often the source of otherwise ‘untreatable’ chronic pain.

More info on MyoFascial Release

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a subtle way of listening to the body through light touch. Born out of an osteopathic approach, this gentle way of urging the body into a balanced state is very effective at helping concussion symptoms and headaches among many other conditions. More info on CranioSacral Therapy

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