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7 Centers Release Retreat

Connect to your ancient energy centers and release what is blocking you from stepping into your power! 

What to Expect

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Torres Novas, Portugal

May 20th - 24th, 2024

What's included?
All-inclusive stay in a magnificent, renovated 19th century Quinta, local food, beverages, transportation to and from the Lisbon airport and an unforgettable healing experience!

You fly yourself into and out of Lisbon, Portugal and we will take care of the rest! Pick up will be at the Lisbon International Airport on May 20th and drop-off will be on May 24th. Times TBA.

How much?  You have options!

Private Room (ideal for couples) - $2,600
3 available *price is with food for 2 people included*

Comfortable bed in a shared room (of 2) - $1,600

Private Room all to myself - $2,300

Where We Will Be Staying.

The Surrounding Area.

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Hosted and guided by Alice Patterson & Dave Maybee

During your retreat you will be in the confident and capable hands of Alice Patterson and Dave Maybee; two second generation holistic health specialists unite. Best known for their "healing hands" they have dedicated much of their adult lives to helping others live happier and healthier lives through the power of holistic health modalities.

Alice is a Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Energy worker.

Dave is an RMT, Auricular Medicine Therapist and Energy worker.

During their decades of experience, they have gained the profound knowledge of the power we all have to heal.  They have been on their own journeys through meditation and mindfulness practices, which has led them through paths of understanding they wish to share with you.

Alice is a mindfulness coach and has been helping people begin to understand themselves, break free of living life on "autopilot" and embrace a newfound sense of presence in their lives. Her published work will soon be available to purchase online.

Dave is a certified teacher of Sheng Zhen Meditation and has had decades of experience with practice and teaching. Sheng Zhen offers a series of moving and non-moving meditation that help us move into and stay in our natural state of unconditional love.

United, they are offering this space and time, to help you heal and embrace your true essence, from the power that is within you!

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