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Meet Dave and Alice

Natural Health Specialists

We truly believe that the power to heal lies within YOU. Our goal is to remove blockages, allowing your mind and body to heal and thrive, making a clear path back to your naturally harmonious state. This approach is becoming more widely appreciated as patients discover this gentler, wiser, and more natural way to health.

Two second-generation holistic health practitioners unite to provide you with the comprehensive care you need. 

Dave Maybee is an RMT and an Auricular Medicine Therapist, guided by his mother, Murial Agnes. He integrates cranial sacral therapy and myofascial release into his treatments as he believes fully in a holistic approach to healing, incorporating the body and the mind. Dave specializes in treating unresolved chronic pain using Auricular Medicine to assess and treat symptoms and the blockages in the way of the healing process.

Dave is the Director of the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine and teaches Auricular Medicine to other healthcare professionals across the globe.

Alice Patterson is a Reflexologist and Mindfulness Coach, guided by her father, Wilbert Patterson.  She integrates reflexology. energy work, acupressure release, and cranial sacral work throughout her treatments assuring total mind and body alignment.  Alice specializes in teaching others how to gracefully enter into a mindfulness practice, through a simple to understand, step-by-step guided process.  Helping others to break free from living life on auto-pilot and embracing the joy of living life with presence.

Together they offer a head-to-toe, comprehensive care package, awaiting you to open up the possibility of what your tomorrows could look like.  Healthier and Happier from the inside out.

The Power To Heal
Within You

Auricular Medicine, Reflexology, Energy Work,

Meditation & Mindfulness Practices

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Us?


Dave and Alice both hold, not only a lifetime of experience, but knowledge running generations deep.


Alice and Dave exude a confidence in their fields backed by a true understanding of how you can heal, in the most natural way.  And how they can help you do so.


We care about every person that walks through our door.  Your appointment time is held for your healing journey, and we have the utmost respect and care for that.

Chronic Health Conditions

We specialize in caring for chronic health conditions. For those "tried everything" patients, we are here to help!

Click here for a list of conditions we may be able to help with.

Stress Relief

Though our healing practices are involved, you will find a newfound sense of calm and stress relief.

Mind & Body Connection

We are here to help guide you to understand and connect the bridge between your mind and body.


Magic Hands
"I have been going to Dave for about a year now, he is amazing! I don’t know how he really tunes in to where the issue is so fast, but he has magic hands!"



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