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Ananti-Chip Lifespirit

Turns the information of electromagnetic fields and cell phone radiation into a powerful source of vitalization!

What is the Ananti-Chip?

This masterfully selected blend of minerals is programmed with frequencies
that harmonizes with your body.

While many protection chips simply reduce the harm of EMFs, when the Ananti Chip is placed on your phone and/or other electronic devices it transforms the damaging electromagnetic field of the device into powerful healing energy.

Imagine 2 notes of a piano that don't sound good together playing constantly and you get used to that. 

Now imagine, that those two notes

resolve and turn into a beautiful harmony.

That's what Ananti-Chip does. 

Creating a sense of harmony and revitalization.

Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Pollution

Electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us, and these EMFs coming from our electronic devices are affecting us negatively.

"The biological effect of exposure to EMF is a subject of particular research interest. The results of the recent studies not only clearly demonstrate that EMF exposure triggers oxidative stress in various tissues, but also that it causes significant changes in levels of blood antioxidant markers. Fatigue, headache, decreased learning ability, and cognitive impairment are among the symptoms caused by EMF. The human body should therefore be protected against exposure to EMF because of the risks this can entail..."

~ The National Library of Medicine

Studies show that this “Electro-Smog” is related

to a rise in Auto-immune and Neurological diseases.


Research is starting to be published on the harmful effects we may all be experiencing without even realizing it.

Thankfully, the Avanti Chip is now available

 in North America

Through us.



Clear Path

Where to place your Ananti-Chip

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs, printers and monitors

Wifi routers, smart TVs, gaming consoles

Baby monitors, smart meters

What customers are saying...

"Last week I received my order.  I felt an immediate effect.  Thank you so much."

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